What Makes Us Different


  1. We have the friendliest staff in the area, and they will treat you better than you have ever been treated. A number of our staff members have over 20 years of experience in orthodontics, so they know and understand every aspect of your child's treatment.

  2. The average treatment time for orthodontics in the United States is 24 months. In our office, 90 percent of our cases are finished in 18 months or less (average treatment time is closer to 16 months)! The reason for this is technology and treatment approach. We use the most advanced braces and wires, and our treatment approach is aggressive.

  3. The average number of visits per orthodontic treatment in the United States is 27. In our office, it is 16! Because of the appliances we use, we can stretch out appointments to 8 weeks instead of 4 weeks and still finish the case in less time.

  4. Indirect bonding – In over 98 percent of the orthodontic offices in the United States, brackets are placed one at a time on the day the braces are placed. In our office, we use indirect bonding, which means we place the brackets on the molds of the teeth. Each tooth is measured to the exact center of the tooth where the bracket is placed. This is impossible to do directly in the mouth.

  5. indirect-Bonding

    When the brackets have been glued exactly to the proper place one each tooth, a plastic tray is vacuumed over the brackets so when the tray is removed, all of the brackets stay in the tray.


    When the patient comes in to have the braces placed, the teeth are cleaned, and the adhesive is placed on each bracket. The tray is then placed over the teeth so that all of the brackets in the arch are placed at one time. After the adhesive is cured, the plastic tray is removed, and the archwires are placed.


    It takes about 15 minutes to place the braces with this technique, compared to 45 to 60 minutes to place the brackets directly in the mouth. In addition, the position of each of our brackets has been measured, so the finished result is more accurate.

  6. Palatal expansion is done and included with the orthodontic fee. In most offices, if palatal expansion is required as part of the treatment, the expansion is performed first, and a separate fee is charged. Then the braces are placed at full fee. In our office, the expander is placed the same day as the braces and is included in the total fee. This reduces the number of visits and treatment time, as well as the cost.

  7. Our office has an experienced Laboratory Technician so repairs and retainers can be made in usually half an hour or less! This saves you time, trips and missed school. Retainers are placed the same day as the braces are removed and within a half hour. We also make free, custom mouthguards for our patients during and after orthodontic treatment (a $50.00 value!).

  8. In our office, we start every case with bioforce wire. Bioforce wire differs from all other archwires (the wire that moves the teeth) in two ways. First, it is graduated in force. It only has 80 grams of force on the anterior teeth and increases to 360 grams of force on the molars. With single-force wires, you start with an 80 gram wire, which initiates tooth movement, but has little effect on the molars. Normally, we would use 4 to 5 wires to treat a case. With the bioforce wire, there is only 80 grams of force on the anterior teeth (very gentle) and 360 grams on the molars (lots of kick). In 90 percent of our cases, we only use 2 wires (the initial bioforce and a finishing wire) verses 4 to 5 wire changes in other offices. This technology helps reduce overall treatment time. Bioforce wire is also thermally activated which means that it is very soft when cooled and becomes very resilient when warmed to mouth temperature. This means that we do not have to tighten the wire as often because when something cold goes into the mouth, the wire softens and then rejuvenates itself many times per day. We can then let our patients go 8 weeks or more between appointments, and the wire continues to correct the teeth – again reducing the number of visits as well as discomfort to the patient!

  9. Dr. Kirsch is a Board Certified Orthodontist. Only about 20 percent of the orthodontists in the United States are board certified. Dr. Kirsch is also a continuing education “junkie.” He has over 1,000 hours of continuing education! The State of Pennsylvania requires 30 hours of continuing education every 2 years. Dr. Kirsch averages double that amount. Dr. Kirsch is available to his patients 24/7. How many doctors do you know that leave their home phone number on their answering machine at the office at night and on weekends? Dr. Kirsch has carried this reputation of honesty and integrity for over 30 years.

  10. We do everything possible to make treatment affordable through flexible payment arrangements. This includes interest-free, in-house financing or third-party recourse financing through Orthodontic Fee Plan, which minimizes the down payment and reduces the monthly payments.

Bottom Line?!

Just how precious is your time?