Invisalign® is the clear, simple way to straighten your teeth without using traditional metal braces. The Invisalign® invisible braces allow you to show off your outstanding smile all throughout your treatment!

The Invisalign® aligners are custom-made, removable and clear, which means you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing. You can still eat and drink whatever you want, and you can brush and floss normally to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

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How Invisalign® Aligners are Made

  • Your orthodontist will take impressions, photos and X-rays of your teeth and send these records and a prescription for your treatment plan to Invisalign®.
  • Invisalign® uses the records to create 3-D models of your teeth. We follow the instructions on your prescription, and customize your Invisalign® aligner treatment plan.
  • You and your orthodontist can preview your projected treatment and results in a computerized “treatment set-up”.
  • After you and your orthodontist approve your treatment plan, Invisalign® will fabricate your custom aligners by digitally mapping and molding the aligners using computer precision.
  • The aligners are sent to your orthodontist who will give them to you with instructions on how long to wear each aligner.

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